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Informational Video about the Stryker Recall

Additional Information

When Was the Recall?

The Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II hip implant was recalled in July of 2012. The recall came three months after Stryker issued an "Urgent Field Safety Notice" to implant surgeons and hospital risk managers pointing out the potential health hazards associated with the two products — including corrosion and "fretting," which allows minute shards of its metallic components to leach into a patient's tissues, bones and/or bloodstream. These hips are failing at a high rate as a result of leaching of chromium and cobalt from the double modular neck of the implant. The joints in the modular neck components are corroding due to micro motion in the joints. The micro motion in the joint causes fretting and corrosion. This is a design defect in the product. Stryker had sent doctors promotional material stating that: "Laboratory testing demonstrates the compatibility of these materials without concern for fretting and corrosion." So doctors had no reason to suspect that these hip implants were bad.

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